Agranulocytosis is a state of severe reduction of granulocytes in the blood resulting from hypersensitivity to certain drugs and chemicals. It is an acute condition manifested by angina formation, wound formations in the oral mucosa, elevated fever, sepsis and general condition deformations.

Agranulocytosis Symptoms and Findings

  • Tremors occur
  • Acute high fever
  • Pain formations occurring in the throat region
  • Experiencing swallowing / swallowing difficulties
  • The appearance of wounds of dark green color or covered with gray membranes on mucosae
  • Realization of regional lymph node enlargement

Causes of Agranulocytosis

Phenacetin, indomethacin, methicillin, quinine, hydantoin, quinidine, propranolol, chloramphenicol, gold salts, carbenicillin, benzol, butazolidine, toxic agents or some of the toxic substances or the effects of radiation from alostosis may occur.

Researches on Diagnosis of Agranulocytosis

  • Leukocyte formula application is started (leukopenia, lymphocytosis)
  • Formation of anemia disease or and thrombocytopenia are not available
  • Sedimentation speed increases
  • Various changes occur in bone marrow

Agranulocytosis Treatment

  • It is ensured that individuals are removed from toxic substances
  • After all necessary examinations are applied and examined, the treatment attempt is started with broad spectrum antibiotics
  • To provide sufficient fluid and calorie intake, patients and their relatives are provided with relevant information.
  • The mouth and throat are cleaned with antiseptic solutions.

NOTE: The content is for informational purposes only and diagnosis and treatment should not be performed by only looking at this information.



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